Submariner Memorial Monument

Submariner Memorial Monument

Often overlooked and dubbed “the silent service”, submarine use in WWII was integral to our war efforts. In May of 2001, the impressive black granite monument was created for the Memorial Park to honor the efforts made by the men and women who lost their lives on American subs.

"Of all the branches in the forces, there is none which shows more devotion and faces grimmer perils than the submariners."

-Winston churchill

Did You Know?

Though we often associate submarines with modern-day naval warfare, their history in the US Navy dates all the way back to 1775 and the Revolutionary War, when the USS Turtle was built for the purpose of attaching explosive charges to the hulls of ships.

Rescue of downed pilots became the second most important submarine mission in WWII, with submariners rescuing more than 500 downed pilots, including a future President in George H.W. Bush.

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